Pinnacle services and purchases the following...

• Live load or staged trailers
• Less than truckload quantities
• Combination loads of different grades
• Baled, loose, gaylords and rolls
• Mill direct domestic and export brokerage
• Reliable service and fast pay


We are always looking for ongoing material streams for our customers which include the following:

  • HDPE in terms of HMW Drum or Crate Grade Bales or Regrind; also HDPE crate, Dunnage, Pallets, etc.

  • PP in Part, Purge, Regrind or Repro format. We especially need melts (30 MI and up)

  • PP clear or natural in a melt range of 2-10. Particularly clear, uncoated, unprinted BOPP.

  • Post-consumer or Post-industrial or Product Destruction of PET Bottle Bales, Regrind or Preform.

  • Nylon 6 or 6/6 in Fiber, Purge, Part or Regrind

  • PVC – Flexible or Rigid

  • HDPE and PET Bottle grades (Post Consumer and Post Industrial)

  • PS in all forms

  • Film grades including Clear, Color, Printed, Laminated, Co-Extruded, in Rolls or Bales.

  • Contaminated Materials including Mixed Resins, Mixed Grindings, Mixed Bales, Laminated.

  • ABS - Regrind, Parts, Pellets, Powder, Bales

  • HIPS – Regrind, Parts, Pellets, Powder, Bales


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