Why Pinnacle

  • Clients tell us they appreciate our conscientious, efficient, dependable and courteous service.

  • A sound business relationship is established with each client, a relationship built on honesty and trust.

  • You will receive prompt payment on a net-30 day basis or special terms mutually agreed by both parties.

  • Service is dependable and efficient with good communication between our office and your facility.

  • We are always working for you by aggressively seeking out the best prices for your material through existing as well as new market opportunities.

  • As a client your personnel will receive training and recommendations at no charge for grading, baling, handling, storage, loading and shipping.

  • We accomplish the results you seek. Our many years of experience in this industry mean correct solutions to problems.

  • Reports are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • Pinnacle handles all details regarding each shipment from beginning to end.

  • We are specialists in the paper and plastic recycling industry. Marketing recyclable commodities is our only business.

  • Pinnacle has an industry-wide reputation for success and ethical business practices.




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